• 1 Buttcoin


    I draw a picture, individually numbered and send it via email to you.  This is a sale for 1 buttcoin.

    You cant trade it, it is totally safe.  You can also mine buttcoins by making your own and making up the value.

    The value of Buttcoin changes whenever I have the time.

    Buttcoin runs on a blockbuster art system called SHART (Sophisticated Hierarchy ART) which nobody understands or cares about.

    You can also trade in pounds in exchange for me to send you SHART.

  • 1 SHART


    In no way related to the tall shart in London, this is a bit of art that you pay for.

    I create a numbered SHART and email it to you.

    You cant trade it for anything, it is as safe as a .com millionaires bank account.

    Buttcoin runs on Shart.

  • A single Track Master


    A single track mastering service.

    The tracks entered into this service have been played on Radio1 and by the biggest djs in the world, tried and tested, the process is educated and executed to the highest level.

  • Mix master (Dj mix)


    For dj mixes, this service sorts out those situations where the recording level and eq changes.

  • Single track Master with additional vinyl safe to cut version.


    Digital master and Vinyl ready version, click to see more..

  • Single track master with advise and changes!


    Submit a track for mastering but get an email back with advise about how to improve it.

  • Mixdown (Includes Master)


    Mixdown service.

    Includes master.