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  • A single Track Master


    A single track mastering service. You get 2 versions. Loud (dj/ download use) and Dynamic (for streaming). Use 24bit .wav 44 or 48k Upload a .wav link into the info on the order.

  • Mix master (Dj mix)


    For dj mixes, this service sorts out those situations where the recording level and eq changes.

  • Single track Master with additional vinyl safe to cut version.


    Digital master (loud and dynamic versions) and Vinyl ready version, click to see more..

  • Stem mastering (6 stereo tracks)


    Get your track mastered from the main components.

    Beats, Bass, Leads, Vocals, Effects etc.

  • Mixdown (Includes Master)


    Mixdown service. Price increase due to over subscription.

    Includes master(s).